Nigeria's Light Up Awards 2017: which Governors Deserve Awards? APC or PDP

The 2nd Edition of Nigeria’s Light Up Awards 2017 will be holding later this year to showcase the Electricity Power projects of the 36 states Governors as submitted by the states and available for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to view, appraise and vote for final winners of the various awards categories available this year.
The organisers of this innovative award event PROJECT LIGHT UP NIGERIA has already sent out requests to the 36 states Governors to make available pictures and details of electricity power projects executed by them for this purpose and states are already responding.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, the National Co-ordinator of PROJECT LIGHT UP NIGERIA Mr Frank Aja Ukpabi said Nigeria’s Light Up Awards is designed to encourage elected public office holders who are already delivering on their electoral promises in the area of electricity power projects to do more as encouragement the world over is known to lead to more achievement and at the same time emphasize the urgent need for Nigerian voters to desist vehemently from voting for public office holders who have been revealed to be non-achievers  for any second term in office as that is primarily responsible for our nation’s lack of development which every Nigerian hate.

Some of the Governorship Award categories available are ’Governor with the Biggest state power plant’ ,  ’Governor with the Highest Number of Streetlight Projects 2017’’,  ‘’Governor with the Best maintained Streetlight Projects 2017’’,  ’Governor with the Best Rural Electrification projectS 2017’’, ‘’Energy Governor of the year 2017’’ among others.

Mr Ukpabi said this year’s edition promises to be more interesting as it will reveal the project performance status of public officials elected on the platform of the two major political parties in the country presently unlike in the past when only one party enjoyed overwhelming presence in the political arena.

The Awards will show the political party whose elected public officials have delivered more electricity power projects under this administration and are therefore qualified to be re-elected come 2019 general elections as Such should be the status quo if Nigerian voters truly want a well-developed country considering that development is not achieved by abusing elected public office holders but by appraising their performance in office and using that as a voting guide in future elections.

He said there is also an award to celebrate ‘The President that impacted the power sector the most since 1960’’, as well as categories for Local Government Chairmen who have delivered outstanding lighting projects in their localities.

Those in the private sectors like the power distribution and generation companies and corporate firms with CSR projects on lighting and Members of the National Assembly with outstanding constituency projects on lighting shall also be recognised and celebrated.

The date for this Award event which shall be held at Eko hotels and Suites Lagos and streamed live on a DSTV channel shall be announced shortly.


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